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HDMI Video Test Pattern Generator

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  • Hdmi - High Definition Multi-Media Interface Rs 232 - 9-pin D-Sub Usb - Type B Compatible With Hdtv Signals -
    840Hxl-HDMI Video Test Pattern Generator

    Quick Facts

    • Video Outputs − 12 Resolutions
    • 32 Patterns
    • Size - Compact MultiTOOLS® - 4 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-1 rack adapter.

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    The 840Hxl is a high performance HDMI video test pattern generator. It generates 32 preset patterns at 16 popular computer, HD and seven user−defined resolutions. It includes several unique patterns that incorporate motion.

  • Testing and adjusting flat panel LCD displays, projectors and DVI cables.