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Aspen 3232HD-3G

32x32 3G HD−SDI Router

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  • 3G HD-SDI - BNC - Sync - BNC - RS-232 - 9-pin D-sub - RS-422 - 9-pin D-sub - Ethernet - RJ-45 - HDTV Compatible -
    Aspen 3232HD-3G-32x32 3G HD−SDI Router

    Quick Facts

    • Max. Data Rate – 3Gpbs (Fully loaded)
    • Control − RS−232, RS−422, Ethernet and Front panel XY.
    • Advanced Browser Interface − Control & Set up
    • Depth – 2.5 Inches
    • Size - 19” (2U)
    • Audio - E

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    The Aspen series routers are high−performance matrix switcher for 3G HD−SDI and HD−SDI dual link video signals. These units can switch any or all inputs to any or all outputs.

    The Aspen family offers light weight, small footprint routers for HD-SDI with multi-rate formats up to 3Gb/s. Bandwidth in all our routers is guaranteed on a fully loaded basis so you can be sure the Aspen will not let you down as your 3G needs grow.

    The innovative design of the Aspen includes advanced Reclocking and Equalization technology to maintain signal integrity. In fact, our ground-breaking Equalization technology allows you to recover a cable run of over 155 meters at 3Gb/s, over 200 meters at 1.5Gb/s (Using Kramer BC-RG63G cable or Belden 1694A). However, the Aspen also gives you the ability to turn Equalizers and Reclockers off on a per Input/output basis to allow you to pass Non-SMPTE data such as MPEG-2 and ASI signals through.

    The built-in web server offers advanced control and setup functions and works in any OS and browser. It is even compatible with touch and click devices such as Tablets and Smartphones!

    HD-SDI Video Features

    • Guaranteed 3G Bandwidth - Fully Loaded.
    • Max Data Rate - 2.97Gbps.
    • Multi-Standard Operation - SDI (SMPTE 259M & SMPTE 344M), HD−SDI (SMPTE 292M), 3G HD−SDI (SMPTE 424M) and dual link HD−SDI (SMPTE 372M).
    • Advanced Equalization - Allows recovery of signals at over 155 meters at 3Gb/s, over 200 meters at 1.5Gb/s
    • Reclocking & EQ Control - Reclockers and Equalizers can be turned on or off on a per port basis to allow non-SMPTE data such as MPEG-2 to pass through.
      - Input Equalization - Per input.
      - Re-Clocking - 5 modes: auto, bypass, 3G HD-SDI, HD-SDI & SD per input.

    Sync Features

    • Looping Sync Input - Composite or Tri-sync.

    Control Features

    • Front Panel XY Control (1616/3232HD-3G) - Multi-color I/O & function buttons.
    • Built-in Web Control Interface
      - Configuration and Set up - including Names, Salvos, Layers, Output Reclockers, Input Equalizers and more.
      - Touch and Click compatible for control via tablets or smartphones
    • RS-232, RS-422 & Ethernet.
    • Optional Remote Control Panels - Via RJ-45 (Ethernet).
    • Supports TCP/IP Protocol - Rear Panel RJ-45 connector.

    Other Features

    • 7 Year warranty - Parts and Labor
    • Take - The Take button executes a selected function when pressed (switch, salvo recall, IP address change, etc.).
    • Salvos - Memory locations of switching lists that are saved in the router and recalled by a single command.
    • Low Power Consumption: - No cooling fans required on 1616HD-3G and 3232HD-3G
    • Worldwide Power Supply - 110-240V AC to 12V DC (external).
    • Redundant External Power Supply - Optional.
    • Standard 19” Rack Mount Size - 1U (1616HD3G) & 2U (3232HD3G) & 4U (7272HD-3G). 2.5" deep.
    Model Description

    RPS-16/32 Redundant Power Supply for Aspen 16 & 32 Models